Y’all Don’t Seem to want to Hear The Truth From Me

I give up. But here you can see the sorts of raw data I use to reach my conclusions. If interested, you need to look at the numbers carefully and thoughtfully. Be open to adjusting your beliefs.

Remember that only 4.2 million people have died since January 2020, when the pandemic started. In a world containing 7.8 billion people who didn’t die of Covid-19. . . . https://www.worldometers.info/

I can’t believe that even well-educated people, scientists even, have bought into the horribilizing of Covid-19. Like it’s a new disease, just now invented, different from anything that the human race has ever faced.

At least we haven’t faced anything like it since the last pandemic coronavirus started killing us, which was SARS-CoV-1 in April 2003. Looking back at the data it appears that SARS-CoV-1 was deadlier than our current coronavirus.

Do you feel yourself resisting? You really don’t want to hear how you’ve been lied to and conned. Still, there are others like me, usually older people, who were good at math and were good scientists. And still are, and we are having a hard time understanding why you are so willing, insistent really, in living in daily terror.

That’s no kind of life and you’re going to die anyway — and statistically it won’t be from SARS-CoV-2. Nope. Heart attack or cancer if you’re a man and in your middle or late 70s.


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