Why Biden Can Promise Me Thousands of Dollars of Economic Relief

Not that I’m anybody’s expert on money, but I have a sense of Fiat Currency

Fred Ermlich
3 min readJan 22, 2021


You can’t eat fiat currency, especially silver dimes! (Silver is kind of poisonous.) . . . Photo by Matthew Lancaster on Unsplash

Some know-it-alls say, “well, it isn’t exactly fiat because I can convert my $1400 coronabucks into gold and silver.”

Which is true for one person. I did it myself once. The only problem was that I was living at subsistence, so the burlap bags of silver dimes and dollars sat in my living room and I went hungry. They weren’t spendable for buying food unless I sent them back to the repository in Texas and got a credit! (Or can you eat burlap?)

And if very many people proved the worth of fiat money by converting it, they would crash the system. There was a reason we abandoned the silver and gold standards. I hate to say it, but this system is faith-based.

Fiat money works as long as people believe it’ll work. That’s the deepest my shallow wisdom will take me.

Why am I writing this if I’m so pathetic an expert?

Well, see, it’s a weird thing, a kind of karma maybe. Of course I don’t know diddly about money, but I know a lot about writing and rhetoric. There’s a lot of communication going on, including back and forth with true experts on the subject — people who are not necessarily good writers, or people without the time to keep listening and responding, keeping the arguments current if the issues are still current. You see? Widely different skill-sets. Writers versus true experts.

I will say, not from hubris, but I’ve found many or most successful blog writers to be geniuses. Ultimately you have to hold huge amounts of information in your head, to parallel-process it and find the miraculous links. I wish Carl Sagan were here to explain…

Speaking of whom and pondering extrasomal storage, I ran into this site, and…

Well they could have had the following going at the inauguration. At a distant, separate table maybe. Maybe in 10 hours you could read it all, or most of it. But first a warning — this webpage crashed my laptop 3 times!

What? Oh, you wanted me to explain the title? Sure.

With the crashed economy, there’s nothing to lose if people believe in the ‘fiat’ currency. At present we desperately do believe in it. It deeply involves finding food to eat! And our need, or faith, bolsters the currency. Weird but true.

That’s it for today! The wisdom well runs dry. See you next time.




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