There’s nothing more effed up than requiring quarantines and masks to avoid a few percent deaths while the cause of epidemics and other great problems is overcrowding and overpopulation.

Photo by Xingyue HUANG on Unsplash

It’s the surplus of humanity, the birth rates, that are creating these problems. As these problems are scaring people, the governments see the chance to exert more power and team with the media to scare the people worse.

The same governments are paying people to have children. And in countries with strong Christian religions it’s almost considered a duty to have children. While in poorer countries with high birthrates the cost of contraceptives is prohibitive.

Were the minuscule percentage of lives saved by prophylactic and other preventative measures really worth the ultimate expense of economies completely shattered?

Is the cure worse than the disease?

Are modern medicine and modern corporations and governments causing the population overshoot that is dooming humanity?



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