The IPCC Has Done A Great Job Firming Up the Science Behind Global Warming and the Climate Crisis

Don’t Underestimate The Oil Extractors: You Should See What’s Underground! . . . Photo by PilMo Kang on Unsplash

But they have laid the fault and the problem of ongoing petroleum combustion on the governments of the world, for failing to regulate the petroleum industry. It really depends on what happens next before we’ll know more about the future.

They’re already reporting that the CO2 levels won’t drop until coal and oil are no longer being burned. Even then CO2 is persistent unless they can impound and sequester the CO2, but nobody yet knows how that could be done.

They seem to be saying that at the status quo we have ten more years to get to net zero carbon — if we don’t it’ll be too late. Or maybe it was four years when they’d need to get started. There’s really a lot of information to digest.

So far as human deaths, which is obviously on most people’s minds, it’s best not to forget that nobody is offering to cancel the sixth global extinction. And we know, as easily as watching television coverage of hurricanes, that people are dying from extreme weather. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (Are there still icebergs on Earth?)

As many as 10% of humans on Earth live near oceans and rivers at the coast. IPCC says that sea levels will continue to rise. The depths of the oceans store almost all the excessive heat that’s causing these problems. The oceans will continue to rise and inundate low-lying cities. And it’s worse than just that, but it’s a start. Sure, they talk of building concrete seawalls. They have built them. But now money is tight and they can’t build them in poor countries anymore.

I can’t report to you all I’ve learned. I keep reading all the media, but they mostly aren’t scientists. I’ve read summaries of the report, and am reading the whole report over time. It was a massive effort with tens of thousands of contributing scientists. I’m a climate scientist myself, so at least I can interpret what they’ve found.

Which is that global warming was done by man. They are extremely explicit about this. It isn’t nature, it isn’t a normal or even abnormal cycle, it’s from combustion of fossil fuels, and there’s also the release of methane and refrigerant gases that are also greenhouse gases. Even water in the atmosphere acts as a greenhouse gas, and there’s now more water in the air.

I’m thinking I won’t write a sequel to this article for a while, maybe six months. I could easily use six months to read a whole lot more of the report and other reports, and also to see how things are going. For the moment, my conclusions echo mostly what you’re seeing on the news right now.

I have to say that I am not optimistic. But there’s a reason or two for that. In the mid-90s when I worked with professors at my university to get the word out on global warming and human overpopulation (it’s important), we were completely shut down by misinformation campaigns by the oil companies.

That’s a reason I’ll probably wait six months. To see what big oil and big coal do. I don’t think they’ll surrender unless the governments around the world force them.

Let me think. What else?

I’ll skip the subject of extractive living, but it is at the heart of matters.

Should I say more about the subjects of impounding and sequestering carbon dioxide? Due to the laws of thermodynamics it’s unlikely to be possible to do it at all. The experts studying the subject say the cost would be huge, gigantic. Far costlier than covering the world with solar cells.

No, this is enough for now. Thank you for reading.



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