Responding To Umair Haque’s Article about The Collapse of Our Civilization

Fully 80% of what he’s doing is educating us. The remaining 20% is a sort of hysteria. Because what he’s correctly seeing is upcoming massive death and destruction — and it’s not likely that America will reverse this course.

Fred Ermlich
2 min readSep 17, 2021


He’s clearly referring to U.S. Americans, but he’s also talking about the whole world — we’ve become that much interconnected. I’d call it “The Ripple Effect,” America’s influence on the future of the entire globe — but it’s no ripple — it’s more of a tsunami. Attitudes will change in the next decade or so, +/– , when climate and other disasters (starvation… etc) cause millions of human deaths.

Mr. Haque puts a lot of information into each article he writes. I pulled the two references he made in his article and I think you’d best see them.

In this one you’re going to get the advice of 1,300 leading scientists from 95 countries worldwide:

And here’s the bad news about species loss, what’s called the 6th Extinction:

Will humanity stop being capitalistic in the next four years? Will we grow our own food on sustainable gardens and farms in those same four years?

What I see is the opposite. You want your cake and eat it too. Or your car. Your Amazon deliveries. A better-paying job.

Nah-ah, not for me! I saw all this coming long ago and I’ve been living in the tropics. My monthly budget is a few hundred dollars, for food, internet, and renting a small house. As for global warming — it barely affects us where I’m living. In fact it’s been chilly in the mornings. Lucky me.

… Fred Ermlich
Thank you for reading. (Take-away: Try putting aside your terror for a moment and decide what you need to do.)



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