Reality Bites are not full articles. Sometimes even small bites are hard for people to swallow. Now . . . if Never Fear will publish this — well, they’re an obvious choice.

Reality Bites

“Statistician Delivers Shocking News: Says That Based on Historical Data, All Humans Still Living Will Eventually Die!”

Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Right now on Earth there are 7,820,672,359 people. For the human race to continue, and to have adequate genetic diversity, it is necessary for 59 of those people to survive, and to be in reasonably close proximity to each other.

Climate change cannot destroy the Earth. Don’t be silly. It can, however, cause the climate to change. Climate change can make survival more difficult for humans. Luckily, each one of us still on Earth comes from a long, unbroken line of survivors. Oh yes, we’ll probably survive whatever weather gets thrown at us. Surviving is our specialty.

If a coronavirus, or any virus, or bacterium, or micro-organism should infest the humans on Earth, well, bring it on! We’ve been surviving these sorts of bugs for 200,000 years. No, not saying everybody collectively would survive, don’t be silly. See the first reality bite above: we’re good to go if 59 people survive the epidemic and remain fertile, male and female.

There is a popular misconception out there. That dying is horrible. Not to say that it can’t be painful and frightening. But it’s strange, one moment you’re writhing and suffering terribly, then suddenly everything goes quiet, and then . . . nothing at all. Some people have revived and come back to tell us this story. Nobody has ever come back and complained.

Oh ho! Silly me! I should never have mentioned 7,820,672,359 people and survival in the same article. You modern civilized people think you have some kind of goddam human civil right to not die. Reality Bites serves to turn that idea on its head, to expose the obvious truth — that it’s a flat-out guarantee, you will die.



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Fred Ermlich

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