People’s Disdain for the Past Prevents Understanding the Present

There’s an icon for disdain of the past. It’s AOC. Just look:

ICON: DISDAIN OF THE RECENT PAST . . . By Franmarie Metzler; U.S. House Office of Photography — copy, Public Domain,

Ask her again about the holocaust. Specify which one.

I was just reading, it was the following article by umair haque, about the genius of Martin Luther King. MLK figured out that true love, love of fellow humanity, was the only way we could avoid the present uglinesses: hatred, totalitarian government, extractive economies, racism, white power… you shouldn’t need a longer list.

What I said in the titles, that human nature just doesn’t change much at all with time, and what is done today has been done before . . .

I ran across a long-lost Louis L’Amour novel that had a passage that resonated with some American current events that I’ve followed. At first I thought, no — I’m reaching. But now I don’t think so, and you’ll be seeing some more repeats, so to speak, as this article progresses. You’ll see, dead ahead.

But first Louis L’Amour, from:

Here’s the passage I’m looking at, a story about a young man (Al Damon), ignoring the advice of experienced western cowboys and settlers, wanting to join a gang of bandits and show everybody that he’s truly in charge:

After Al Damon had gone, Brennan cursed himself for a fool. Nothing he could have said would make Al Damon more anxious to prove him wrong. Only, after a time a man became impatient. Each one of these youngsters thought he had discovered something new, and each one was following a trail that had been worn down by those who had gone before, making the same mistakes.

What they were seeking was empty and flat, and what they stood to lose was all the warmth and beauty of life, the things worth having that they might never realize; but the things they valued — the food, the drink, the girls, and the reputation — all would be gone like a wisp of smoke…and for what?

Think about the things worth having, the things we value, being discarded out of sheer ignorance.

As promised, another repeat of human nature. Because of course the NAZIs came to America to learn how to be racist and go about exterminating inferior races:

I’m pretty sure Madison Square Garden is in the United States. Welcome all white visitors from overseas. Hauntingly familiar, say observers of what just happened in Charlottesville, Virginia…

Let me tell you something that I know to be true.

Every human trait we see today also existed one million years ago. We haven’t changed in any basic way, especially we haven’t changed much at all genetically or even our group (tribal) values: only the demographics have changed, as we learned to farm and became locked into cities.

Can’t you all feel these things inside you, that at least make understandable the hard-to-believe things happening now on our disintegrating world?




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