One clap so far, after 9 days? My ex-America has really deteriorated.

First, a compliment. You wrote, "I designed the audiobook cover, using a photo that I’d taken years ago on assignment." That image reflects how my heart soared when I read the PDF of the Senate Report.

I've long been aware of Russia's antipathy toward the U.S. According to Charlotte Iserbyt, it has been going on for a very long time -- for at least a century. I thought that the graphic explication in the Senate Report would galvanize a public disappointed by the ineffective impeachment of Trump.

The boiler rooms where the IRA worked endless, hi-tech shifts were terrifying to read about. How could Americans let this pass?

Well, I no longer live in the States. I tried to absentee vote but Florida shut me down. I cannot see a reason for returning.

I thank you for your article, the audiobook, and your service.


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