umair haque nails it again

Once Again I Fact-Check Umair Haque

Real Life, in the past. . . . By US Navy — of Inchon, Korea. Four LST's unload men and equipment on beach. Three of the LST's shown are LST-611… — NARA — 520772.tif, Public Domain,

I was checking out at Walmart . . . no, wait. It was at Home Depot, in Gainesville Florida.

The old man at the back took time to talk to me. He had been in charge of the U.S. troops going to Inchon — a battalion — which sounds like he was in charge of a lot of soldiers. (I looked him up later, and it was him — this poor old man at the back of the store. What’s with that?)

I guess we have to ask umair:

Oh yeah, believe me. My story is hiding in this story.

Not to diverge from my points, but probably a necessary addendum:

This from the horse’s mouth, sugar-coated:

Korea, space, the Moon: all were military targets. ¡Take that, you Moon! (Oops… language.)

So when a U.S. military hero is in the “advice” lane at Home Depot, you’ve gotta say, “WTF?”

He should have been advising the President in the previous 20 years. Home gardeners — I think not.

This was only 3 years ago I talked to the man. I’m still tortured by the memory. Why have people become so disposable in the U.S? Wait, don’t answer that. Everything is disposable in the U.S.

Once again, as I’ve said, Umair Haque has nailed it: In that same article linked above, he said,

This was the third great cost of neoliberalism — social deconstruction. The great social contracts of the post-war, though many did not quite know it yet, were being ripped up by now — and their key innovations, like universal healthcare, retirement, pensions, education, began to be tossed upon the rubbish heap of history: the very lessons of the last great World War were now being forgotten, ignored, denied. And, of course, a result, social stability, safety, security, opportunity, and mobility all began to wither, dwindle, and fall.”

That’s all. This wasn’t meant to be an article. It’s an articulito. A little article.




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