Never Mind 1.5°C — We’re at 1.1°C right Now and The World is Burning and Flooding and Suffering Extreme Weather Events

This has to do with tipping points and complex systems, but it turns out that future global warming and its consequences are well underway today.

Fred Ermlich
2 min readAug 12, 2021
Image by Steve Brandon from Pixabay

There’s no room for doubt: you see it on TV no matter where you get your news from.

People want simple explanations and solutions, which are not possible. At the moment it makes sense to watch or read the news and for now I’d say you could accept what you see as our current reality.

I’m a climate scientist myself but for now I’m watching, and doing a little writing. I’ll be looking at what remains in about six months before trying to come to conclusions. Or rather, to see if my current conclusions remain valid — that the die-off is going strong now. It isn’t quite going strong yet, though I can see economies crashing. That’s not good news.

The IPCC report involved tens of thousands of scientists and other experts and the media are doing a pretty good job at explaining, but the big picture is very big — impossible to see all in one take. I’m trying, but not succeeding.

That’s all I can say now. I’m just saying that the news you’re getting paints a pretty clear picture — the media are being surprisingly honest and forthright. They’re not fear mongering — they are themselves afraid.




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