My Goal is to Be Dead

You Americans claim a right to life.

Fred Ermlich
Oct 10, 2021
Image by John Hain from Pixabay

But I was there, with my wife serving as escorts to an abortion clinic. American Christians were killing the doctors whenever possible.

I’ve never been in another country in the world where they believe in their personal rights to life, and to kill other people as needed.

Mother nature has guaranteed us all that we’ll die one day. I seem to be in that process right now. I’ve adapted. I keep both doors open so the dog can get on with his life. I won’t care — there are some guarantees about death, and regrets aren’t part of the guarantees. When you die, you essentially evaporate. It’s no big deal. You will never remember.

… Fred Ermlich

Fred Ermlich

Living in rural Panamá — non-extractive, non-capitalistic. Expat USA. Scientist, writer, researcher, teacher. STEM mentor +languages.