Medium Sucks… it sucks Five Bucks out of My Checking Account — Every Single Month

Not only do I not get paid for writing, I’m paying Medium’s bills. And now I can’t even get the titles of stories on my “recommended for you” or “following”… in suggested reading:

When I change my banking arrangements next month I really don’t expect to use Medium any more. I’ve seen many of the death spirals of this blog, and Medium’s avid pursuit of mediocrity has really pissed me off this time.

I’ll stick with the other various platforms that have remained competent. While I always liked Medium’s typesetting and its automatic em-dash creation, I get everything I need quite easily on these alternative writing platforms.

Hell, I’ve written entire Medium articles as email drafts in Protonmail, and then cut and pasted them directly into Medium; it worked just fine thank you.

As long as Medium is so focused on publishing stories and essays from near-illiterate 7th-grade dropouts they’re going to lose a lot of excellent writers of my generation (b. 1953).

Why am I so pissed? Look at this screen shot. It’s what I get before clicking on the globby ellipsis up at the top, left of the word “Medium”…

It’s really a shame. I used to love the social nature of Medium. I loved reading and writing comments. And there are amazing and diverse writers on the platform. Famous people, even the President for god’s sake.

I’ll really miss socializing with all the people and other writers.

But life goes on, and I won’t put up with the bullshit any longer. Maybe if Medium gets a change of management in the next month I’ll change my mind. But that won’t happen. I mean, who’s managing the management?

I’ve barely tolerated the blatant racism I get from Medium. They only let you into the Partner Program if you live in one of the White countries on their coverage map. They hate that I live and prosper in a Brown and Black country — and they remind me of that fact every time I hit “Publish.”

Some of Medium’s editors and employees are quite explicit about their white supremacy. I’d share their comments here but can’t remember where I stored them…

… Fred Ermlich

Living in rural Panamá — non-extractive, non-capitalistic. Expat USA. Scientist, writer, researcher, teacher. STEM mentor +languages.