Jessica Wildfire Is Right, To A Degree

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It’s true that what we called “normal” in recent past was a fiction. We were underpaid and overworked, all to the benefit of the 1% ultra-wealthy and to power-hungry governments.

Now I need to state that Covid-19 was not a hoax. It was the next in a string of viruses that proved to be highly communicable in its latest versions, though it is not as deadly as SARS-CoV-1 or MERS.

And none of these diseases hold a candle to Spanish Flu, though in honesty I’d say that current covid comes close.

But Covid-19 is waning. It’ll drop into the background. You have to see the logarithmic graphs to see the trend, but covid is losing its deadliness. You might catch these strains, but they likely won’t kill you.

But the numbers! And the reality of government and the ultra-wealthy gaining, not losing, from this dreaded disease…

I trust the numbers, but they require interpretation if you really want to understand where we stand.

First an overview. It’s important to see that Covid-19 has not made a dent in global population. Not even in the U.S. where people seem to be acutely concerned and are living in fear:

7.9 billion population is a gross insult to our planet. A better number would be, at this stage, no more than 7.9 million. Which means that something like global warming and extreme weather and other events would have to kill 999 people out of each 1,000. Covid can’t even begin to accomplish that.

Cui bono? Who has benefited from all the covid hysteria?

We know the answer to this question, and it isn’t us normal everyday citizens.

Let’s look at some more numbers:

5,142,901 Global deaths from Covid-19 to date.
7,907,536,831 World population today.

Five million deaths out of 8 billion people, over two years’ time.
Try it on your calculator. 8 billion minus 5 million.
You come up with 7.995 billion. Which rounds back to 8 billion.

It’s a math issue — the issue of zeroes. It’s important to be able to do these calculations, especially if you think the media and other sources are manipulating you. (They are.)

What do those numbers mean? They mean that your risk of death from covid is near zero unless you’re old with pre-existing stuff. I mean to say, the numbers imply it, and other research confirms it.

As I build my case, I would hope that you’d see that you can reassure yourself that you’ve been gamed. Perhaps in that way you can regain a little bit of your old normal.

Statistically, you’re not going to die from Covid-19. You’re more likely to die of a heart attack, or for now, not die at all. If you need to worry you could worry about food insecurity or violent weather events.

I had some more graphs to show you. And some data on the Spanish Flu, which really did reduce world population, unlike Covid-19.

But I’ve had my say. Times are tough, but you needn’t let the bullies make it worse for you. They are assholes, to put it politely.

Jessica Wildfire is a genius of a writer IMO.

And you, our readers: take care of yourselves and your families.

… Fred Ermlich

A little PS here: I caught covid in January 2020. It stopped my breathing one night and stopped my heart the next. (I got my heart restarted out of sheer anger. This all happened at home, alone.) Then a year later I caught the Brazil variant. But I’m old and white, and that’s a big demographic for people who die from Covid-19. Consider that thought when you consider what group of men are trying to terrify the populace.



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Fred Ermlich


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