Fred Ermlich
1 min readJun 26, 2020


It’s a newly discovered galaxy!

No, it’s a photo looking straight down into a tidepool.

Wait! I know. It’s a microscopic look at the fungus between your toes.

No. Truth is, it’s an experiment in writing.

Niklas Göke had a cool article about Hemingway. About writing a true sentence. And I thought, if I download a random sort of picture from Unsplash, and say that that’s what I did, then it’s a true sentence.

So I did. I put in the word “image” in the search field, and got that picture. And that let me tell you the truth, which I did a minute ago, and for a bonus I got a colorful picture to display.

I know I’ll hit the big time now.

Note: I’ve noticed a few other Medium writers who break the tedium by downloading a picture, then writing about it. What a creative bunch we all are!

PS, picture credits are: Photo by USGS on Unsplash

Isn’t that likely public domain anyway? How fortunate for me.



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