Re: The Climate Crisis

If You Make Some Big Assumptions (Correctly) . . .

Then the part you can control becomes surprisingly manageable.

Fred Ermlich
2 min readOct 10, 2020

Photo by PilMo Kang on Unsplash

The big assumptions should be glaringly obvious by now.

California burning, hurricanes churning, Bangladesh drowning, and Africans starving to death.

  1. The rich and powerful, in the form of petroleum entities, governments, and media will keep doing what they do best: drilling and burning oil and gas — rapidly propelling Earth past far too many tipping points. In other words, that battle is already lost, especially considering the permanence of CO2.
  2. Scientists, writers, citizens all mean well. But too many are dominated by fear. Fear is a terrible emotion that paralyzes people and makes positive actions less likely to happen. Many people take refuge in magical thinking, either religious or by telling themselves that somebody will do something.
  3. Action on a personal or family or community basis is an ancient human skill. We are, heart and soul, tribal hunters-gatherers. We willingly “up sticks” and move to locations where there is more game and a more clement climate. It’s written into our very DNA.

That’s about all I have to say, folks. I know, if you’re a city dweller, or associate the act of moving with a U-Haul truck, or love living in comfort and wealth — well, I doubt you’d want to join me in Panama living an amazingly rich, but also a bare subsistence sort of life. Plus… They don’t speak English here . . .


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