I Still Want to Save the Human Race.

And it Just Became Easier.

People will quibble and propose solutions, but the sheer hubris that is endemic to man will prevent any meaningful change. Industrial-scale extraction and exploitation will end, yes — when the populace stops breathing. Well, I’d hope the extractors would expire too and stop burning oil and gas.

I’m giving my project a ‘go.’ As I’ve said, it just became easier. Why? Well, if it’s end of days for me and everybody, what in the world is there to lose?

I don’t need to worry any longer. The damages done making an ecological village, where everything is already pretty “green,” are insignificant compared to the irreversible damages being done by . . . oh, let’s just single out Big Oil. OK?

If I need to use photovoltaic panels and mirrors, which I do, there’s no sense being concerned about damage being done elsewhere. It’s small potatoes, white noise. Mirrors and panels are one-time purchases. I’d be planning on making my own mirrors when the purchased ones start to degrade. All that’s required is the older mirrors and beach sand that gets melted down to make . . . more mirrors. Mirrors making mirrors — all solar powered. It’s easily done, or at least easily enough.

The panels may need to be purchased every 20 to 30 years. Not really a problem, as discussed.

This Article is not an Article. It’s actually a Plea for Help.

I’ve run out of aspirin. I’m broke. I eat 8,000 calories a day when I write. I’ve eaten all the protein (chicken, eggs, milk) that were supposed to last me all month. In the past 5 days!

I still desperately want to build a solar village here in Panama. I’m encouraged because one supporter just sent $100 to my Panamanian partner, Julio Rodriguez. (Thank you, * * * * * ). It was an easy process; either Western Union or direct deposit to Julio’s (and my) Panamanian bank will work. I’m beyond embarrassment. Can you help? Financially or otherwise?

Return to Paradise? . . . Photo by Rifqi Ramadhan from Pexels

August 11, 2020

Frederick Scott Ermlich
on Medium: Frederick Scott Ermlich

Thank you.



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