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Not that you have all these in you. But you have some of them and thousands more not listed — especially in your gut. Look at the “Gastroenteritis” list. It includes coronavirus. . . . By Mikael Häggström. Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6416098

You’re about to read my point of view. If it helps you figure stuff out, then you’re welcome. But please, your health is your business, and I’m not qualified to advise you. Got That? Okay, thanks. Fred.

There is possibly danger in wearing masks too much of the time. Our bodies need occasional colds and flu’s and other infections because they give us cross-immunities. A certain percentage of common colds are coronaviruses. You are really going to want to have some antibodies, you want your immune system to be revved up. Take a look at that image up there. We are literally made up out of viral and bacterial DNA. It’s an ecosystem that’s best allowed to flourish.

It may sound dangerous to cultivate these bugs in your body, but life is dangerous. I’m not trying to impress anybody, but very soon we’re likely to see what happens when a large part of humanity has spent a year as a bubble baby. It could get really ugly. I have a funny feeling, a foreboding, and I’ve learned to trust my funny feelings. Then again, people wearing masks and handwashing may be getting plenty adequate exposure to germs. I’ve long thought that it’s possible that every person who lives in a city has inhaled Covid-19 spores (not spores — they’re virions). Just that they have not inhaled enough to get highly infected.

No, nobody wants to touch this subject. Well, that’s not fair. The actual truth is that it’s a complicated subject, and nobody has the answers. There is strong evidence that childhood exposure to varied microbes, say from living on a farm, will provide a stronger immune system, and fewer allergies later. But . . . there is evidence that it may not be that big of a deal. Who knows? So far, nobody. We’re all guinea pigs.

I said that I’d explain, so here goes. After a year and a half so far, Covid-19 has killed 4,200,000 globally. The world population is 7,900,000,000. That gives us the ratio of dead versus living. It’s a 1:2 ratio at sight, and also a 1:1,000 ratio, which put together makes it a 1:2,000 ratio, dead compared to not dead. To do this formally, we divide the two numbers by one million (the ratio is hence unchanged). We get: 4.2 dead compared to 7,900 not dead. Rounded for convenience that’s four people dead for 8,000 not dead. Or one person out of every 2,000 people. So that’s a sort of number where you might have known somebody who died from covid, or maybe you didn’t.

Covid-19 hasn’t changed the population graphs, visibly or otherwise, whereas Spanish Flu and Black Plague both severely affected world population.

I didn’t tell you what percentage of people have died of Covid-19, because it’s so few that percentages don’t work. You tell me what percent this is, because it’s the true (but slightly rounded) number: 0.0005 (One percent is written 0.01) But 0.0005 is the death rate over the past year and a half as a fraction of those who died of Covid-19 versus the total population. I think it’s 5% of 1% — I’m not sure, I get dizzy thinking about it. But trust me, it’s way too small to treat as a percentage. It’s meaningless.

Who wants to admit this to you? There are too many people with their hands in the till. Sometimes the conspiracy theorists are right all along.

My next younger sister and I used to eat dirt and otherwise expose ourselves to all kinds of germs. I’ve never tried avoiding the bugs. I get vaccinations whenever it’s time — I want my immune system to be wide awake. Vaccines and live bugs wake it up.

Fairly recently I was a schoolteacher in public schools, and I didn’t worry about all the kids coming in with colds or flues. And I never got sick anyway. I think over the years I’ve benefited from repeated exposures. Which all probably saved my life when I got Covid-19 in January, 2020.

It almost killed me! I stopped breathing two nights in a row. I was at home — no way I’d go to a hospital with its beeps and lights and nurses. Besides, sick and injured people go to hospitals, it would have been grossly unfair for me to carry an airborne virus into such a facility.

That was January, then in October in Panama I caught the Brazil variant. I was pretty sick for two days, and on the morning of the third day. I went for a long walk anyway and within an hour all symptoms disappeared. Weird, but fine with me.

(I have long-term symptoms, mostly cleared by now, but there’s nothing like covid-brain. I don’t need to be diagnosed because there is nothing like covid-brain. It’s a muddle, that’s all I’ll say. It’s a unique sort of muddle.)

I know you all are victims of massive fearmongering and to a degree you are invested in your terror. I’m sorry that happened, and I hope someday you’ll realize that it was the one-percenters who did this.

Meanwhile I’m just acting as our ancestors did. Like all other animals that roam the Earth, I take the bugs, the microbes and bacteria and viruses that make up the bulk of the life on Earth. Much of my body is made out of DNA from these microorganisms. My body evolved over millions of years to be able to coexist with bacteria and viruses, so I don’t much concern myself with health worries. Seems to me the end result is death anyway, and that has never scared me.

Hence another reason you shouldn’t blindly follow my example. It ends in death.





Living in rural Panamá — non-extractive, non-capitalistic. Expat USA. Scientist, writer, researcher, teacher. STEM mentor +languages. Gargoylplex@protonmail.com

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Fred Ermlich

Fred Ermlich

Living in rural Panamá — non-extractive, non-capitalistic. Expat USA. Scientist, writer, researcher, teacher. STEM mentor +languages. Gargoylplex@protonmail.com

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