I hate to make an ass of myself — but then again, that’s what Medium’s for. Right?

And living in Panama, I can’t get paid anyway. I can just annoy people and hope for claps.

I have been publishing elsewhere, for instance, as a respondent to articles on Reason.com. One response I made seems appropriate for Medium. It’s an issue I’ve been harping on anyway, so I’ll publish it here. I hope a couple of people clap for me. Or send money — who knows? Too bad they don’t have addresses in Panama!

Here it is (with minor amendments for readability):


Fred Ermlich
July.1.2020 at 12:58 pm

I only reply here as a response to a response. I don’t see a way to be a “top responder” to the article.
At any rate, I keep seeing the same data, saying the same thing. Namely, that a large percentage of all people have been exposed to Covid-19. And that the percentage who die is statistically tiny . . . that this is not a deadly virus. We’ve faced far deadlier bugs in the past couple of decades, without the fanfare. And historically, for thousands of years, we have always been exposed to coronaviruses.
We all have cross-imunities, and in fact benefit from these viruses — we’ve coexisted with them for so long.
The people who are dying are predominantly old white men of British extraction. This definitely applies to Americans.
I‘m also speaking from experience. I contracted Covid-19 in Florida. This was before it even had a name. I stopped breathing twice (and in the remaining milliseconds of living, decided to live). I thought I had a flu, though my pharmacist said not. But I did as I always do: I stayed in bed until I got better.
I’m an old white man, but I’m German by heritage. I have no sympathy for these pathetic, yet powerful, old white Brits. Get over yourselves, and leave the rest of us alone.
Please note: these opinions do not apply to New Zealanders and other isolated populations. Historically, they’d either succeed in isolating themselves, or died off as a people.

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