For Every 100 People Who Contract Covid-19 or the Latest Variant . . .

98 people will recover and 2 will die. Covid-19 is nowhere near as deadly as Spanish Flu and other truly deadly epidemics.

A wise person might look at the big picture and figure out what’s really worth worrying about. Do a search-engine search for “tipping points” and you’ll have a ready made list of things truly worth worrying about.

Right now I recommend looking at the sky. Is is red from all the countries on fire right now? How about other extreme weather events. Tornadoes, extreme hot waves, hurricanes, flooding from torrential rains . . .

That’s all I wanted to say. The media are trying to sell you a point of view. I suppose I’m being media here myself, but I’m just suggesting you use a neutral search engine (not Google) to look up usable facts and statistics.

Worries and fear sap your energy. I’m suggesting that you budget your worrying, and save it for the things you personally should worry about (if any).

I left America almost 2 years ago — it was getting too crazy. I‘m more primal & happier here in rural Panama… I’m a scientist… I think in ideas, not language.