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In the 1980s and 1990s the decline of America started accelerating. By 2001 there was no doubt — The Great American Experiment in Democracy was going to fail, as great empires do eventually. Estimations of when the collapse will happen have centered on the year 2025 as the year of collapse. Some of those predictions were made decades ago . . . it is fascinating, because the authors were predicting things that would happen before the complete collapse, in the 2010s and 2020s, and many were excellent predictions.

I’m now working from more than 100 sources of information, and I’ll later in this article point you to the best of them, and maybe some search terms that’ll let you explore on your own…

Like this one, using the string — The Great American Experiment in Democracy is now failing (hover over the link):

This article will cover a lot of problems, causes, and consequences. Let’s jump in and see what we’ve got. At the very end of this article, I’ll put a series of links that let you explore a variety of informed opinions about these problems. This article is for anybody who wants to learn.

Let’s make a list now — bear in mind, we’re talking about collapses, focusing on The United States:

  • Rise of the federal government. Which led to more wars in other countries, militarization of U.S. police, disconnection with the populace, and worst of all, it created alliances between federal government and private, powerful corporations and business interests.
  • Social Collapse. Well underway now. Mass shootings are increasing and occurring daily — at a rate of more than 100 people dying every day in 2021 from shootings. People are in debt and going hungry, jobless. People are scared and getting mean, looking out for themselves, or trying to.
  • Political Collapse. The Republicans and right-wing extremists are spreading lies as facts, a disinformation and misinformation scheme that is dominating the news and confusing people. Their goals are to prevent Democrats from voting at all in 2022 and 2024, and to take control at the state level and then later flip the Senate to Republican majority. In brief: Republicans are actively destroying democracy itself, and Democrats are not fighting back adequately.
  • Economic Collapse? This may or may not happen. Nobody knows at this point. (Note to readers. If I don’t know, and I don’t think anybody knows, then I’ll say so, like I just did. I.E, you might not face economic collapse.)
  • Environmental Collapse. Because of grotesque overpopulation by humans and because there is no respite from environmental damages from extractive processes, and because unabated petroleum use is constantly increasing the global CO2 levels, then yes, environmental collapse is almost certain to happen, and soon. It is happening now. It’ll only get worse. It is largely not reversible. You can’t repopulate the planet with already-extinct organisms. Any CO2 in the air will stay there forever in human terms.
Summary of major biodiversity-related environmental-change categories expressed as a percentage of human-driven change (in red) relative to baseline (blue). By Corey J. A. Bradshaw; Paul R. Ehrlich; Andrew Beattie; et al. (13 January 2021). doi:10.3389/FCOSC.2020.615419 — “Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future”, in Frontiers in Conservation Science (in en), volume 1, 13 January 2021, DOI:10.3389/FCOSC.2020.615419, ISSN 2673–611X, Wikidata Q105082215, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=99299327

It is people who have caused all these problems. People never got into using birth control. People always want more. More money, more power, bigger cars and houses. And the real problem for scientists like me is that certain people are working against us. I’ve been battling Big Oil since the 1990s . . . they won back then, by the way. They used disinformation techniques employed by the tobacco industry back in the 1950s. People are the problem.

The biggest people problem is that the people in charge are the same people bringing us these disasters. Iconic proof of this came when George W Bush sent troops to Iraq in 2003. Supposedly for WMDs, but that was a lie (the weapons of mass destruction were aluminum agricultural sprinkler pipes). He wanted a war. And everybody around, even the media, backed him up one way or another which further confused people like me, who knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Misinformation, disinformation.

New York had badly handled the disasters at WTC on 911. They didn’t call for forensic experts from around the country. They didn’t want to talk to structural engineers. That information was classified! They started sweeping up and hiding things from scientists and the media, and we scientists and engineers had some very profound problems with what we were hearing. Because of building WTC-7. Steel-framed skyscrapers don’t fall down, straight into their own basements, from a fire. In fact none have ever fallen down, even when half-engulfed in multi-floor, intense fires. And no plane hit the Pentagon. It was a drone of some kind. The twin towers were specifically designed to bounce errant passenger jets off, or at least their engines and landing gear.

What is an airliner jet? It’s a hollow aluminum tube filled with people and luggage and fuel oil. The engines and landing gear are heavy. Hitting a steel-protected jet-resistant building like Tower 1 or 2 the majority of the jet would have fallen to the street. That’s what has happened the few times it’s happened around the world. See why the several thousand engineers and architects have spent so many years crying foul? With their website and all…

I had a draft card for Vietnam in 1971. Our government really lied to us about that one, and about the body counts. They forced Walter Cronkite on ABC evening news to lie too, because the feds owned the airwaves.

Sheeple, People, Smartphones, Google, Tracking Personal Information and Location, Selling Your Info to Highest Bidder, American, Under-educated. I’m serious. If you can’t figure out that you’re the walking dead, and the only chance you have for survival is if you get your head together before 2021 is over . . . well, read the following story. This guy is super-smart, though he uses even more words than I do. It’s a long article, but excellent and accurate:

My audience is obviously going to be mostly English speakers and readers. So yeah, I’m referring to Americans right now, and with the sheeple-people stuff. See, humans are social animals. Social, society, societal collapse. If you’re all linked together with smartphones and social media and news media bought and paid for and owned by the fat cat 1-percenter billionaires, then you’re getting whatever they’re feeding you. You can’t gain useful knowledge about something like climate change by using Google searches or watching CNN. You have to sift out the good stuff, which is maybe 3% of the hits you’ll get. For me, I have 35 years university experience and post-university research in environmental sciences and all the sciences, including sociology and economics, and I’ve written articles for 35 years. I don’t put a lot of references in my writing, because I fucking teach this stuff, and am right now working from God knows how many hundreds of thousands of pages I have stored in my computer and thumb drives. I am my own effing source, just like Umair Haque is his own source for his accurate and hard-hitting economic observations. Who would he refer you to?

Americans who entered college in the 1980s or later — there’s no way they got an education in math, science, language, and reading/writing like people of my generation, people who were born in the early 1950s or in previous decades. It’s no risk for you to trust me, because you’re already in deep shit without me. But . . . it’s truly your choice.

There are two ways of determining truths and facts. A lot of unqualified people who think they have the answers and are vociferous are using “truth by assertion.” They say, “I know what I know and I know I’m right about this.” This method is very common with religious people, who sometimes add, “I’m right and you’re wrong and I’m right because if I was lying God would know because God knows everything. And God wouldn’t let me lie.”

The scientific method is completely different. We have facts and theories. Facts are things we measure or do directly. If a thermometer tells you the ocean 10 meters down is at 18 degrees, and you write it on a chart, then it’s a fact. We’ve had rules like that about facts since Plato’s time, because you gotta believe in something.

Theories and hypotheses are words that have completely different meanings for scientists compared to the rest of you. Here’s an example:

  1. I know from experiments that burning petroleum creates CO2.
  2. I know from experiments that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. (those are facts)
  3. I hypothesize that continued use of petroleum is warming the climate.
  4. I put forth the theory that if we reduce petroleum use, the temperature of the Earth might stabilize, or would stop increasing so quickly.

Rules of science: that theory will never become fact, not really.

But sometimes . . . see, there were some biologists who went to Galapagos where Darwin had been, and studied a certain small fish in a stretch of river. Of course these biologists were aware of the theory of evolution.
They camped there on the river. The fish bred a lot, and some moved down to a lower pool. They quickly evolved different looks and parts. Natural selection became a fact then, because it was directly observed, but we still don’t call that “a fact” because there’s rules! A scientist’s side-job is to always be trying to prove that he’s an idiot and his theory is crap. Well, good, older scientists like me anyway. Every year that passes and you’ve not been shot down means your theory is gaining in acceptance. And that’s all you can get.

My main point is that when I write something here, it can be a hypothesis or a fact. I don’t know exactly what happened in New York on 9–11. I wasn’t there, I was in Oregon when it happened. But I happened to walk into the house right before the first building collapsed. My wife, an ex-New Yorker, said, “My God, Fred!.” Right then I turned away for a sec, then whipped my head back to the screen because I heard the “bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-bang” of a controlled demolition. I’d just heard it a couple months before on a 10-story building, built with cast iron instead of steel framing. Cast iron shatters with high explosives. I was only a block or so away, on a rooftop, when I watched and heard it come down. Those “bang-bang-bangs” sure punched me in the gut!

I sure recognized it on TV. Later, I saw on TV building 7, in several videos the government couldn’t hide, the whole building going at once — little puffs of vaporized steel shooting out into the air — you could see the controlled demolition. No way were concrete floors pancaking making those bangs — plastic explosives have their own sound. 9–11 was a bunch of lies. Shit, they had gotten bids and Giuliani was pushing to go ahead with controlled demolition on the towers before the “jets” brought the buildings down.

Except WTC-7 wasn’t hit by a jet, it was only hit by a little bit of debris. It was a steel-framed building. A little debris wasn’t going to bring it down. It had some small fires too, but fires don’t bring down steel buildings. I know, that all sure is confusing. And Giuliani seems so honest and forthright.

So. If you wanted to save the World and fix the United States, what should you do and when?

There are some experts you’d need to talk to right away. They have set up ways that things can get rolling quickly. You’re gonna need 100 million people if you’re going to change the system. 100 million people insisting on changes, creating havoc and protests and actions and reactions is part of Democracy — it’s spectacular direct Democracy. But it’s a revolution, a revolt. You got to know what you’re gonna install when you win. If you revolt and don’t win you’re going to be branded a terrorist, so… win.

The exact strategies are a separate study. My research on that part I did a year or so ago, and I’ll have to review it all and write a sort of Part 2 article. Why don’t you also try to figure out how to deploy huge crowds to shut down a building or a business or government agency. Or all the freeways in a town. Maybe some Westpoint graduates could help show you how to manage such logistics.

This article was written as an attempt to correct or at least outline the huge numbers of misconceptions out there.

There is one true reality to the world, to everything except for some quantum stuff. There are NO ALTERNATE REALITIES. A lot of people don’t seem to know that. A tree is a tree, a senator is a senator, the government either lied about certain 9–11 events or didn’t lie. The Greeks figured out the movement of the planets and stars long ago. Then other later astronomers refined the theories. Newton gave us the math that explained planetary motions and the same math we still use for space travel (calculus). Then Einstein invented his relativities and we knew more. But the reality is that the same objects humans studied at night 200,000 years ago and from which they figured out moonrises and phases — those are the same heavenly objects we see now. Same exact reality.

Rest your eyes and minds a minute and look at some inspiring history here. “I Have a Dream.”

I mentioned the need for 100 million people if you want to have a revolution . . . that would be 400 crowds like the one below. You could probably do something useful with 400 crowds like the one in the picture.

250,000 estimated at MLK’s “I Have a Dream.” . . . By U.S. Information Agency, Press and Publications Service. — US National Archives at College Park: NWDNS-306-SSM-4D(80)10View of Crowd at 1963 March on Washington by USIA (NARA), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2724744

Now, and not out of cruelty, I’m going to mess with your head. That is, unless you listen to what I say and manage to accept it. It’s merely a side comment on the meaning of life and death.

It used to be, in humanity, that most people knew these meanings. Then you all moved to immense cities, and you unfortunately have no clue anymore about normal life and death.

Image by Prawny from Pixabay

Here I’ll merge ancient and modern knowledge. As you know, we’re born, we live our life, we maybe get old, we definitely die. What is death?

Well, you know how they say, “Rest in peace.” That’s what dying is. No matter what ever happened in your life, any part of it up to the instant it all went black and silent, you’ll never have a bad memory. You won’t have regrets. You became molecules of matter a few minutes after your last heartbeat. You won’t know that then, but the great thing about being a human is:

You can learn that now! I did when I was 8 years old I had already seen the pattern, and had discussed this stuff with some very old people I chatted with on my long walks. Lots of old people, especially rural old people, have a very well-grounded view of life and death, youth and old age. You’re born, live, die. My grandma woke up dead one morning. I was 14. Her roommate called us, saying she thought Dorothy was dead. This was my dad’s mom. My dad refused to go — he was scared spitless of death. So my mom and I went, and yes, Dorothy was dead. She was my first, but certainly not my last direct death experience.

Being born has nothing to do with your parents. There is so much randomness in the process of conception, even a bit of quantum madness added in, that you are a unique human entity not particularly related to your parents or siblings. Sure, you may have things in common, but baby it’s you versus the whole world from here on out. And at any time, with or without warning, it can STOP.

Scared to die are you? Look how the fat cats, the government, the media owned by fat cats caused you city folk to be scared to death of this one particular coronavirus. You know, they’ve been coming around, coronaviruses, every several years to infect us, and that’s been happening for more than a million years so far. This abject terror of city-dwellers is a new phenomenon that sociologists could study, but even most of them are blinded by their own fears. Especially in America.

I caught Covid-19 in early 2020, thought it was the flu, got told otherwise, and still I just went to bed and waited to get better or die. It was touch and go, but somewhat similar to my experiences of the flu in my childhood. I was never scared, because by the time I caught covid I’d had 60 years’ practice not being scared of dying.

So here’s a bit of advice I’m offering you right now. Find a cognitive therapist that uses a Kubler-Ross sort of approach to pre-mourn your own eventual death. You see, your unexpressed fears of social collapse, financial ruin, dramatic changes in lifestyle, those are all intertwined with fear of dying. When you stop fearing death, you can live fully.

Further Reading

Here’s an article, written for Medium, that poses a question and an answer of sorts. It actually explains a lot. The question: “Is there any provable moral truth in this world?” The answer: “No, save for one sentence.”

President Reagan’s son, Ronald, has some theories about why Americans are so insistent on engaging in self-destructive behaviours. This article is not written by Reagan, but it quotes him and explains the situation. Bear in mind, any article about American Stupidity can get a bit confusing:

If you want some depressing, hard science, NASA’s got you covered. I’d call this one a must-read. Partly because I’m a climate scientist myself, and partly because this article is even more pessimistic than I am.

What about the collapse of Western Civilization? I call this article factual, because it’s based on known historical data. It’s also another must-read. It’s by BBC.

This one is a fun, but not funny one about the decline of humans into what? It’s worth reading. It’s partly about technology and electronics and how we are using them.

Another Medium article that explains even more about the oddities (not good oddities, either) of Americans. It’s a worthwhile read.

A Basic Truth That Nearly Everybody Denies

I already mentioned the gross population overshoot by humans. There CAN’T be 8 billion people on Earth. It’s insupportable. If population had stayed at 8 million we wouldn’t be facing extinction right now, unless an asteroid came.

A good guess is that population will once again drop to 8 or 10 million people on Earth. How will that happen? It’ll happen when 999 out of every 1,000 people die. This will happen sometime in the next 10 years, so most of them won’t be dying of old age.

Here’s a guidebook, well, an article on Wikipedia, that explains the causes. Take a look, please.

Well, that’s it. I’ve thrown the spaghetti — let’s see what sticks to the Great Wall of America. What a mess!




Living in rural Panamá — non-extractive, non-capitalistic. Expat USA. Scientist, writer, researcher, teacher. STEM mentor +languages. Gargoylplex@protonmail.com

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Fred Ermlich

Fred Ermlich

Living in rural Panamá — non-extractive, non-capitalistic. Expat USA. Scientist, writer, researcher, teacher. STEM mentor +languages. Gargoylplex@protonmail.com

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