WRITERS. . . . By Norbert Musk, CC BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=68399918

According to Ed Matthews of The Writing Cooperative: “The important thing after all is said and done, is that your writing makes you happy, that you enjoy it.”

Oh, I do, I truly do love writing. Aside from my online published work, I have hundreds of stories in my paper journals that have never been published. They’re all for me! Several dozen have turned into posts — it’s nice to have these and my Medium drafts to draw on.

Ed Matthews mentions 3 hidden signs that show your writing to be top-notch. I’m sure that’s fine, but really only the second one applies to me: “Your audience is engaging with your work.” I’m already engaged, and I wouldn’t hit ‘publish’ if I didn’t think an article would reach my engaged audience.

I have 514 drafts sitting in Medium’s computers, and they’re obviously not engaging anybody. Probably 150 of them would engage an audience if I ever post them. I do go through and post a couple sometimes, but in the same interval I create 3 or 4 more drafts, so the number of drafts keeps growing.

I’ve been figuring out ways to engage with my readers, and I enjoy that almost as much as I enjoy writing itself. I’ve become interested in cognitive biases, mine and everybody’s. Those biases really apply to writing and reporting.

I don’t make any money writing, mostly because Panama isn’t a Stripe or PayPal country. But I don’t do *any* kind of work for money. Too big a distraction. I can handle being a starving writer. It’s probably even a good thing.

Good article, Ed Matthews. Thank you very much.

Fred Ermlich